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Diagram Performances

Image by Jonathan Waring

AAS Diagram Performances are based upon a diagram supplied by the host venue, at our request, which influences or dictates the form and processes of the performance. During the development process, a second diagram is often discovered or generated that influences the physical shape of the performance. The performances are usually operate to a more linear temporality that the Molecular Cults, i.e. start, middle, end.


Dérives (Drifts)

AAS dérives are periods of drifting, usually in an urban environment, during which time the group is in a heightened state of situational and environmental awareness. Dérives can last for several hours or several days. They can involve continuous walking or use of public transport. Dérives can also be static. The practice of urban drifting is a Situationist practice and can be used to develop a group psychosis/mythos or to explore and map a specified geographical area. AAS dérives may be projects in themselves or part of the ongoing development of AAS molecular collaboration as a work in itself.



Holectics is a programme facilitated by AAS, the precise purpose and function of which is in a state of constant, molecular, flux. However, it is clear that it is for the benefit and development of all humanity towards an uncertain future.

Holectics Research Recordings is dedicated to the promotion and investigation of Holectics through educational and anthropological research aids on cassette and other media.

Recordings for research proposes only.

Holectics Research Recordings on Bandcamp



Radio Free Midwich review of Balancing Ritual (HRR 001)
Y’know when your favourite stoner rock band lay down a super heavy, half-hour long, ego-obliterating, tethered crescendo but it isn’t quite enough so you and a hardy group of the suspicious break into one of the spaceships of a seemingly benevolent alien race currently visiting Earth and discover this playing inside?  Yeah?  A version of the above but clinical, steely, a step up from our humble efforts.  It’s like that and I, for one, welcome our new drone overlords…

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Rotational Review on The Cult of Sonic Affect (HR002)
neolithic fountain-makers, sun and sky sourced for polished original arching scoper. happening. of/in the moment. overfull. overing anything that can stand up and take care of its own shape, blasting it out into churn-heavy dulling crescendo. and quick. greater chance the parts spurn out psych in muddy tactile creation, greater chance it acts as one beast, one singular monster crytpic mind catching out. group-bash but less hit-hard rock-thing. dangerous if improperly communed. tight to the path though, rocks more in line with a hammer drill connected equally. connective tissue keeping the rot out. devil-at-bay, or right inside it all, that’s their call to call it. that they let us into this church-of-something corner at all: mighty nice of them. 

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