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Fungal Mumming

A Solstice Mushing
by Aas featuring Wrenboy Spore Gobbler and Conkers Slasher, Monarch of the Poal

4pm Sunday 22nd December 2019
The Intimate Space at St Mary’s Tower
Hornsey Village, N8 7NT

All proceeds were split between local and national homeless charities

Photos by Chloe Langlois and Marie Marshall

Performers: Ana Benlloch, Arianne Churchman, Benjamin Hargrave, Samuel Mercer, Julia Sauma, Stuart Tait

Antiphonic Multi-Being

Installation and Performance
part of Morphologies of Invisible Agents
Preview 6 – 9pm, 2 May 2019 including performances by Aas and Plastique Fantastique
Exhibition 26 April – 28 May 2019
SPACE, 129-131 Mare St, Hackney, London E8 3RH

The process begins
     something in the distance behind 

Limited entities desiring wholeness
     something looks broken 

Not everyone present is visible
     not everyone visible is present

Voluntary acts of sacrifice
     something that has a purpose 

Antiphonic resonators
astral glue noise noise

Multiple remote coordinates
     slipping on time’s shiny skin

Temporal extromission
     something reaching

Activating the body mother
     a burning desire

An interlocking multi-being


Antiphonic Multi-Being

Diagram of science fiction dimensional travel of sigil portal projection of ganzfeld remote social blasting of coordinate viewing.

Antiphonic Multi-Being presents a reflection on the cumulative constitution of collective personhood through creative practice and ‘altered states’ – states that are formed through ongoing shifts between diagrammatic (ordered) and anti-diagrammatic (disordered) psychic conditions. Bringing together anthropologist collaborator Julia Sauma’s research into collective personhood in the Amazon with ideas around co-authorship and collectivity in molecular art practices, Antiphonic Multi-Being investigates these through video and performance; reciprocal participant observation (in anthropology / art practice); the use of collective sigils (magic diagrams of intent) and interpersonal psychic phenomena of Ganzfeld technique and remote viewing – both forms of gathering knowledge through extrasensory perception.

Astral glue noise noise.


Performers: Ana Benlloch, Samuel Mercer, Lucy Sames, Julia Sauma, Stuart Tait

Chaotic Good

Chaotic Good: Crabhead / Collaborative Princess / Lumpy Oracle

Performance: 5pm – 9pm, 1 November
Exhibition: 2 – 26 November
Venue: Gallery North, Sandyford Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE1 8ST

Throughout 2016, AAS has been exploring what happens when things break down. When self is lost. When abjection occurs. When emotional flooding results in catastrophe. When another organ takes control of the body. When another system takes over logistics. When a quantity of sensation is categorically different from all the quantities before. When you play too loud, too long or too hard. When your world ends.

Chaotic Good: Crabhead / Collaborative Princess / Lumpy Oracle has been developed out of a process of molecular collaboration by AAS with the assistance of Northumbria University, in the form of Warwick Stafford Fellowship support for AAS member Stuart Tait. AAS also wish to acknowledge molecular contributions to development of this work by: Rob Smith, Kayt Hughes, Juliet Fleming, Philip Cornett, Diana Policarpo, Bea Turner and Rene McBrearty. With thanks to Mrs Patterson’s Press and Claire Potter for their work on the exhibition publication.

Performers: Ana Benlloch, Ralph Dorey, Graham Dunning, Lyndsay Officer, Stuart Tait