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Heartbeat of Kong

The Heartbeat of Kong, or More Mouse Bites

Made for the Royal Geographical Society‘s Annual International Conference 2016, “Holey space: Alterior imaginations, urbanism, resistance and affect”. 31 August 2016


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Farming The Young / On The Mirrors Of Yukon

Creating a portal to Team 3 through duration B. A fractal palimpsest of data for future generations, which responds to the subject’s subconscious process. How to kill and gut a gull, how to go back before the apocalypse to ensure it happens, blocks of colour, sometimes a headless person walks across, there is a head in a jar.

Team 3 is working on it.

As part of

F E E L I N G   S A F E R – I M T  G A L L E R Y
V E R I T Y   B I R T  |  D A V I D   B U R R O W S  |  E L L I O T   D O D D  |  J O E Y   H O L D E R  |
A A S  |  L U K E   M C C R E A D I E  |  M A G G I E   R O B E R T S   ( 0 R P H A N   D R I F T )

P R E V I E W   +   P E R F O R M A N C E :   T H U R S D A Y   2   J U N E   6 – 9 PM
Exhibition continued to 10 July

Performers: Ana Benlloch, Philip Cornett, Ralph Dorey, Graham Dunning, Gem Milsom, Lyndsay Officer, Stuart Tait, Bea Turner

Half-Sun Gift

AAS present “Half-Sun Gift” radio programme for Resonance Extra
Saturday 26th March 2016 20:00 – 21:00 GMT
Interviews, visitors, AMSR, textures, visitations and more.


[Track Five Intro Music]
[Canned applause]
[Track Five Continues]
[Canned applause]
WW: You’re listening to Resonance FM (sic) and this is Winston Wells interviewing Dr Mark Jackson on his doctoral thesis “Nothing short of complete liberation: The Burroughsian ideal of space as a curatorial strategy in audial art”. Welcome Dr Jackson.
MJ: Thank you Winston. I don’t think it would be honest to extra terrestrial call me shooting shooting police anything like that baby shit is this idea of going into an art exhibition in finding out what it’s all about I think one of the things that perhaps sounds emphasises Real to me more and more was not that it was difficult to essay on pack or decipherable ID code…
[indecipherable mess]
…forget what you did was up on a bit of that works can tune up take a little bit extra glitch or artefacts which is normally wanted but you cannot write musical merit within which something that you don’t really get to someone cutups From: Doctor Jackson From: Doctor Jackson the to cutups             From:     Doctor Jackson with Jackson tape  From: Doctor Jackson speech                 cutups From: Doctor Jackson text cutups From: Doctor Jackson eg script                 ouija text  From: Doctor Jackson script script board get board an for an script             wormhole From:  Jackson digital  From Doctor Doctor…
[uncomfortable silence]
WW: Thank you Dr Jackson

Listen to the show here

Half-Sun Gift was part of “Gravity Waves and The Spirit World” a Spirit of Gravity curated radio programme.