Equilibrium Ritual


Equilibrium Ritual at NOISE=NOISE
Saturday 7th December 2013
Top Floor, Unit 73a Regent Studios, 8 Andrew’s Road, Hackney, London E8 4QN

Performers: Ana Benlloch, Graham Dunning, James Mabbett, Alex Marzeta, Vanessa Page, Stuart Tait


Sage Ash Copper Fire


SAGE ASH COPPER FIRE was performed by Samekhmem live at Voxish

Glass Factory
Queen’s Yard
Hackney Wick
E9 5EN

Sunday 6 October 2013

Performers: Ana Benlloch, Graham Dunning, Phillip Henderson, Alex Marzeta, Vanessa Page, Stuart Tait

Voxish was curated by Xero, Kline & Coma, in association with Art Licks Weekend, and featured WE / Annabel Frearson, Joe Howe and Julia Scott / AAS / Rosie Ridgway

Infinite Drone Accumulator

Saturday 4th May 2013, Landmark Seizures at Aid & Abet, Cambridge.

2013-05-04 10.15.10

The Infinite Drone Accumulator has been scientifically proven to focus and concentrate the infinite drone that permeates the universe. The infinite drone is the underlying vibration of the cosmos, linking the present moment to the moment of creation and providing an opening through which the future leaks in. AAS will build the infinite drone accumulator within Aid & Abet for theĀ Landmark Seizures project and continue to remotely monitor the drone accumulations throughout May and present their findings at the closing event.

2013-05-04 13.35.56

Maquette of Funnel


Funnel construction


Correctly configured organic floor

2013-05-04 15.16.14



Door construction


Infinite drone accumulator



At the closing event of the Landmark Seizures exhibition at Aid and Abet in Cambridge we performed a ritual to safely release the drone that had gathered in the Drone Accumulator.

After Re-distributing and releasing the Drone that had accumulated in the Drone Accumulator at Aid and Abet Gallery, it was destroyed and dismantled. this particular Drone Accumulator was built for the Aid and Abet Gallery space and had fulfilled it’s purpose.