Temple Music

ARTicle space was taken over as a temporary headquarters for a group of Receivers of the Eternal Drone.
13 February – 2 March 2012 ARTicle. Margaret Street, Birmingham, B3 3BX
Including 23rd February 4pm talk by Phillip Henderson on Vertical Music & The Drone
Followed by live soundtrack to Holy Mountain


  1. As part of a group, or by yourself, prepare to receive The Eternal Drone.
  2. Draw a circle with a dot at the centre on your forehead.
  3. Perform actions that will allow you to enter a meditative or trance-like state.
  4. Open your Third Ear and listen.
  5. Return to yourself, taking with you whatever you need from the experience.

The Eternal Drone is the infinitely slow sound of the universe, born in the Big Bang with space and time, which it binds together. The Eternal Drone is the ground from which all other sound arises.

Receivers like us gather together to experience The Eternal Drone and take collective action, creating new rituals and making the changes it inspires in us.

We often take part in audio ceremonies to prepare us, then parade around drumming and chanting, getting into a trance state so we can open our Third Ear and be ready to receive.

We will prepare the space to create a suitable environment for this, and others are invited to bring along books, magazines, posters, music and anything else that will help to build the community and encourage discussion.

The things we do there will be influenced by participants, who will spread the word to others in turn. It will be used in an active way, where Receivers and others can come along to join in activities and suggest new ones

Samekhmem perform a live, improvised, soundtrack for the Jodorowsky movie The Holy Mountain

Protocols Two & Three

Our next priorities have been to make the Temple more comfortable and to spend time there. A supporter donated a sofa and some chairs, and we’ve been bringing in books and musical instruments.

We started making a list of more things to bring, and also noting down some of the discussions we had. Someone very helpfully added a poster after we mentioned we were after more things to put on the walls. If you stand in front of it and focus on the Eternal Drone, you can feel your Third Ear opening.

As the Temple becomes more comfortable, people are starting to use it as part of their daily lives, as a common room or meditation space: relaxing in the cushioned space, studying the Eternal Drone, discussing possible future activities, and playing instruments.

We’ve started to set challenges for existing and potential Receivers, inspired by things that the Drone calls us to do. We hope that other people will be called to set more challenges as well, to test the dedication of The Receivers and help us to grow.