Congress Brunch Meat

On Sunday we met the Congress book editorial group in person for the first time to discuss more about how the publication for The Congress of Collectives will come together. We ate fresh eggs fried over wood, which were good.

and talked about what we had all learned or how the congress may or may not have changed us so far. We came to the conclusion that part of the problems with generating content for the book were to do with the fact that many of the groups had not had the chance to really talk to each other and that a conscious effort needed to be made in order to get groups together in a dialogue. We decided that the best way to do this was by force! We paired groups together by picking their names from Stuarts hat, each group would have to meet the other group they were paired with and produce some kind of proof of that meeting.

AAS was paired with DoTank. We cyberstalked them for a while, before deciding we should just email them and ask when they wanted to meet.

We are interested to see how many of these meetings happen and what kind of content they will generate for the book.