Diamond Portal Dérive

Diamond Portal Parallel Dérive

@dogtanionmusic held a dérive with @Royal_Standard in Liverpool. @winstonwells and @anamilgram from @aasgroup performed a parallel dérive in Birmingham.

We opened up the portal between Birmingham and Liverpool and held it open for an hour. In search of the L’wa called Papa Mao we followed a trail of diamonds

through the rain and encountered the Jubilee dérive vévé.

Instructions coming through the portal guided us towards a public sculpture, and the XX battlements suggested we refer to the 1956 Chtcheglov intersection for the protocols.

Through the portal, we saw some other sodden psychogeographers. My phone is like a weeping gamepod.

@anamilgram writes “suppose the raindrops on my glasses make everything look like infinite diamond portals”


At the ritual site, we encircled the sculpture in a line of red wax and symbolically pulled the heads of two babies while visualising the building of a giant Ent statue.

Then we went to the crossing place and buried the squirrel under the bush.

Papa Mao was invoked with the XX diamond glyph on the circular island.

Vévé Papa Mao


One thought on “Diamond Portal Dérive

  1. Stuart

    So, after further thought, it seems that Papa Mao is a cat-like pooka/loa whose function is to promote nonsense…

    “Funniest sound I ever heard
    But I can’t understand a single word
    Well if he’s serious or if he’s playin’
    Woo my my it’s all he’s sayin.”

    It is unclear whether Papa Mao can be entirely trusted; he is a prankster who does not use language to communicate.

    “Well I hear this sound everywhere I go
    From the record, TV, or the radio
    But now it’s spreadin’ all through the land
    I still can’t seem to understand”

    The sound Papa Mao produces, the Oom or drone, pervades everything but cannot be understood rationally.

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