Remote Viewing

Friday 29th August 2008, 6pm – 8pm
Show runs until September 7th
BIAD, Margaret Street, Birmingham B3 3BX


NPC CorporationTM are looking for two new remote senders to join The Team and invite you to test your own remote sendingTM abilities on the occasion of the MA Fine Art show, 2008 at BIAD in Birmingham.

Remote viewing is simple. Not easy, simple. Learning remote viewing is like training in a martial art – it takes time and dedication, and then when you think you are there, there is always more to learn.

Every physical manifestation in the world gives off a distinct vibration, like a kind of energetic ‘smell’. Remote viewers are practiced at entering very receptive states of mind where they can tune into and navigate these vibrations at increasingly subtle levels, like building up a picture in layers. It is sometimes, however, difficult to get reliable, real-time information from on the ground without resorting to telecommunications systems. NPCTM have been conducting experiments in remote sendingTM where agents on the ground send psychic images to a “viewer” to reinforce their own remote viewing of a target.

Select a “target location” at the MA show opening.
Attempt to psychically send an image of the target to The Mule. He will be in the building somewhere remote viewing the show.
Take a photo of the target.
Send the photo to AAS
After the show, compare your target with The Mule’s remote viewing by returning to this page.

Participating artists:
Ana Benlloch, Alex Marzeta, David Miller, Vanessa Page, Nikki Pugh, and Stuart Tait

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