TAPOTOAL (Tools and Principles of Transformation on All Levels) is a night of experimental music performance hosted by Trojan Goat. Open your Third Ear and Receive.
Tickets only £4! (on the door).

Lonesome Cowboys from Hell
Hot Darn! Tony’s gawn, and Dave’s still here so Satan is still ruling the West, and who better to show him how it’s really done than Lonesome Cowboys from Hell, psycho-country-rock with a twisted soul. Frank E. the Lonely Woodsman (Calum F. Kerr), Blind ‘Gentleman’ Jk-ee (Tim Flitcroft), ‘Chief’ Proud Purse E. (Mark Percy) and John D. Vile (John Devolle) will show you a stinkin’ rotten good time.

WE Challenge the individualism of the Western pop song, WE reveals the latent politics of the love song and transforms chart hits by annihilating their liberal subject and replacing it with a collective consciousness.

In live performances crudely adapted tools, objects and analogue machines are amplified to create confrontational noise-scapes. Our fetishistic relationship to technology and faith in the concrete are two points of contention in a live set that is as sonically challenging as it is visually seductive.

Open the door, and listen! only the wind’s muffled roar,and the glisten of tears ’round the moon, and in fancy, the tread of vanishing shoon, Out in the night with the Dead!


DJing from Trojan Goat Records