Protocols Two & Three

Our next priorities have been to make the Temple more comfortable and to spend time there. A supporter donated a sofa and some chairs, and we’ve been bringing in books and musical instruments.

We started making a list of more things to bring, and also noting down some of the discussions we had. Someone very helpfully added a poster after we mentioned we were after more things to put on the walls. If you stand in front of it and focus on the Eternal Drone, you can feel your Third Ear opening.

As the Temple becomes more comfortable, people are starting to use it as part of their daily lives, as a common room or meditation space: relaxing in the cushioned space, studying the Eternal Drone, discussing possible future activities, and playing instruments.

We’ve started to set challenges for existing and potential Receivers, inspired by things that the Drone calls us to do. We hope that other people will be called to set more challenges as well, to test the dedication of The Receivers and help us to grow.