The Archaeology of Silence

Performance Ritual took place sometime between 1400 and 1600, Sunday 17 July.
Site located in the communal parking space behind houses on corner of Grove Avenue and Oxford Road.
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At the center of everything there is a hole.

Each year, the earth brings forth a seed of silence, a sacred object that must be taken up and used to grow a new way of thinking.

In a recent translation of a palimpsest in the British Museum, catalogue reference TG301, also referred to as the ‘Moseley Text’, a series of numbers has been interpreted to point to this location.

The document, written in Ogham on goat hide, was found sealed in a bronze container in Moseley Bog and carbon dated to around 1200BCE.

The text refers to something called the Ark of Silence and makes allusions to it calling forth an eternal drone or vibration that encompasses the whole of history.


Geophysics has identified that mounds at the site contain unusual deposits of copper, but were unable to locate the ark. It is believed that the outer casing of the ark of silence is rose wood, so it would be surprising if that had survived, but its contents are unknown except that it is believed to produce un-sound.

Since geophysics failed, we used geopsychic divination to locate the ark and excavation began on Saturday 15 July.

One problematic of the Moseley text is that while the bronze container it was found in is from 1200BCE, the ogham script is a medieval language. This may suggest temporal properties to the ark.


Celebrating the rising of the Ark of Silence, harvesting the seed planted at new year and ushering in the new phase of the eternal drone.

Part of Moseley Festival Art Trail, Birmingham

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