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Lucid Dream Training

We’ve all had dreams where you wake up and wish you could have done something differently, or that you could go back into it and explore the dreamscape further. In a lucid dream, you are aware that you are dreaming, and have some control over your actions, the direction the narrative takes, and the setting and atmosphere.

Lucid dreaming is an important part of experiencing The Other Place. To develop our skills, we have been experimenting with developing psychic connections and accessing the archaic, group mind. During the lucid dream training we will be building on this by attempting to dream collectively, trying out different methods and making notes and drawings based on this. We will be explaining and preparing for lucid dreaming beforehand, and discussing experiences afterwards.


Come and join us for one hour sleeping sessions, experimenting with Lucid Dreaming in The Cage.

Sunday the 5th and 12th, and Tuesday 14th December 2010

Sessions at 12pm and 2pm

Please come dressed comfortably, at least half an hour before the session.

Dreamachine Meditation

Sensory Overload Remote Viewing

Dreamachine Meditation

Using elements from previous experiments in The Cage we experimented with how sensory overload affects psychic ability. Subjects were exposed to sense data in all channels and then instructed to focus their minds on another subject in a secret location before drawing their impressions of that location.

An important element of this was the Dreamachine made to Brion Gysin’s design, intended to create a trance like state of visions and waking dreams, a helpful way of reaching The Other Place.

Warning: Strobe

VNVRP Ritual



Preparation: Assemble two teams, one Virtual and one Non-Virtual.
Time: 06-11-10 @ 1300
Equipment: Sage, A Lighter, Salt Water, Drum, Bells, Totem
Cleansing: 1. Burn sage 2. Pour salt water around the totem
Grounding: 3. Slowly walk clockwise around the circle
Creating a Sacred Space: Calling on the Powers of the Elements and Directions
4. Movement 1 – East – Air
5. Movement 2 – South – Fire
6. Movement 3 – West – Water
7. Movement 4 – North – Earth

Raising and Releasing the Power: 8. Drum and make noise
Centering Communion/Meditation: 9. After the exhalation of releasing sit quietly and relax
Ending the Ritual: 10. Return the circle to the mundane world by walking in a counter clockwise direction

Sites explored by AAS were in Walsall and in Second Life as part of the Michael Takeo Magruder Changing Room v.2 project