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We’d thought it would be good for AAS and Reactor to meet during Congress of Collectives and make something together. Groups from The Congress had been invited by Chad Stayrook from Bronx River Arts Centre to use the custom built round table made by J&J for discussions, meetings and conferences, so this seemed a good place to meet up and talk about making a video together.

The table was a bit large for 6 people, so we took out the YES slice and used that to sit around, and chatted about some places and points of significance that had come up over the last few days in New York.

We decided to go somewhere that we all wanted to go and to do something we all wanted to do: this might sound obvious but it’s an important part of making a collaboration fruitful.

The plan was made to go to Coney Island and make a short film in one take that required no editing, partly for practical reasons, but also because it seemed a good way of making something that had a lot of energy and wasn’t overthought.

When we got to Coney Island, it was off season so the amusements were closed, and it was gorgeously bleak. We acclimatised by eating at Coney Islands finest culinary delight ‘Nathan’s Famous’, home of the annual hot dog eating competition.

Walking down the boardwalk we looked for inspiration to develop some of the ideas we would include in the film. We saw a man with cardboard signs who told us we had an appointment with God, a T-shirt with a label that said ‘Next Level’ and an action figure of Carl Jung. The more we walked the more amazing things we saw.

On the main high street we discovered a flower shop with two figures of Roman soldiers and a clown girl.

To find out if any of these made it onto the film, watch it here:

Can I get some moles?

Today we carried out a dérive in Manhattan, starting at the New School for Social research. Tom Peyton from DoTank accompanied us for the first hour, but had to leave for an appointment… he looked a little confused at times, especially in the pharmacy.

Later, at FluxFactory, we were joined by Chuck and Justin while we attempted to gather messages from the future that were buried deep within the video we had recorded.

Open up please. Go green. Can you come to the front, please? Health form. I need someone to go and get me.
And sign me. I don’t know where you’re going. He’s here.
I don’t need a bag. Drinking water here. Our evil purpose.
No, no, he was just…
Didn’t buy any. Yeah, it was, like, five kittens.

Want a sailor. I was like, John, you… he wasn’t into me.
I wish you could film that in the subway. I had the eye dropper. That was so funny.

All I got. Is this the real me?

Hey guys. You going that way?
Capture Mark.
Did he get a hernia? Hang out this way.

NORMAN! Hey, yeah, damn. Screaming to the top of my lungs “Norman! We need the car keys!”

You’re stepping on it. A La la lamb.

Stand up Sue. I fight, like, two cats.

Grey stone! That’s a nice present. That sneeze. OK, sure, OK. I know that one’s… yeah. That’s a chicken butt.
I’m not kidding. Are we all clear? Muscle crap.

Thank you. Enjoy.

A virgin put a hole in a little stumble.

Muscle damage. Sure.

Start it from there. Bango bango hot sandwich. Burger. Get that.

Are you ready to order? Are you guys? Uhm… Hot mustard, yeah. Go along. I think an out.

Not very smart. One time castle. Anybody?… Pulaski.

What? Hahahaha

Right, it snowed. What? I kneeled never to come home… See you on third.

A hat? Can I get some moles?

These whole… someone facing me. Get someone’s hair. No, no, rat.

Gotta go down on me. Hey that’s down. Ah… my teeth. That’s all. Order.

Hi, can I get a cottage? Tell all my buddies. He’s all ready. I want some sprag.

I’m impressed by that Catholic sauce. Do you want owls? Three Turk and them…

I got change
horseradish got the time
You don’t want a falafel baby?
Guy’s right there. Man, yeah, basically.
Mhm, alright.
Ahem, yeah. Do you have a follow much?
get over. Dark glasses, head shaven to the side, looking everywhere… ha!
Ozzy loves that shit. Yeah. Oswald…

…and such. CDs sail right through to…
yo, where that at? what part? what street was that thing going?
I think it was miller street.

Bitchy dog

Dreams. I got Thursday off. I work Friday.
grey sky at night. Alice!
Oh my god.
You dropped watcher on the floor, we’re gonna make you eat it.
Let me get that. It’s a real trail blazer
yeah, little bit
want those burgers to go?
It’s actually like uh. How much are they? Paper!
I want that Flava!
What flavour you want? Uh…. Pistachio.
That’s like they’re all gober metals
The other day
I think some body should feed it
It’s Boston, there’s an alligator
we’re gonna burn $30,000
Is there a little burnt sausage down there?
ok fine
On your marks, set, go!
Push through, push through Tara, you can do it
take him over, you can do it you can do it you can do it
She may be like butter smoosh, but you know…

I need to eat, I’m a human being, goodbye

No, I want to, but I’m too much prepared for lunch I’ll probably go Hey Hey
OK, see you on the bridge, we also gave one to dad
Hi hey, sorry I would
what’s this
thank you put a dot. I like fur yeah, I got a baby person i don’t breaky man i used to watch that i need a signature from you… that terrible idiot woman… i nee you to fill out these forms… oh my god… can i get you both to sign. the bald headed guy…

Uh, reload, that’s it that’s the one

yeah, time to operate. It’s mom’s appointment.
awesome, we are like quality emporium
yeah, exactly
marketing, yeah. sidewalk, yo
hey cheese
hot, right on the corner here
it’s like a museum, going there right now
working. you not working no more?
I’m fired!
That’s good, take the day off…

they’re building something here, like a bazaar, on the left

hey, talk to my dog angelo, tell him it’s a hot summer

let’s see you hold her
looks like buffy, so army…
right, so what’s going on over there?

yeah, we and hundreds of people, seems pretty boring. Ass…

Congress Brunch Meat

On Sunday we met the Congress book editorial group in person for the first time to discuss more about how the publication for The Congress of Collectives will come together. We ate fresh eggs fried over wood, which were good.

and talked about what we had all learned or how the congress may or may not have changed us so far. We came to the conclusion that part of the problems with generating content for the book were to do with the fact that many of the groups had not had the chance to really talk to each other and that a conscious effort needed to be made in order to get groups together in a dialogue. We decided that the best way to do this was by force! We paired groups together by picking their names from Stuarts hat, each group would have to meet the other group they were paired with and produce some kind of proof of that meeting.

AAS was paired with DoTank. We cyberstalked them for a while, before deciding we should just email them and ask when they wanted to meet.

We are interested to see how many of these meetings happen and what kind of content they will generate for the book.