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AAS comes to your house

After a late start AAS discussed how we would give our presentation on how our collaborative structure is formed. After a sandwich and some bagels we observed other panels of discussion…
There is a good picture of us here, with a chair blocking most of our faces and Ana is blurred out.

At the end of the evening AAS attempted to merge Parliament and Sunn O))) and other opposing music on the social music website Last FM.

Overall the evening of panels was informative but we were a bit disappointed that the Uber-collective did not manifest in the way we had imagined it would. Perhaps it our DJ/VJ-ing was too much for the other collectives, but many seemed to disperse or leave the room after the discussion panels were over or in some cases before they were over.

Jackson Score

The afternoon was spent walking up and down the same road, inserting a credit card into a metro card machine or ATM and taking it out again. This was repeated with intent to repeat again, here is the score, feel free to interpret it for your own situation. Map here.

  1. Begin with a false start, as if you think you know where you are going, then realise you don’t, then return to start.
  2. Set off again with knowledge of where to go. Approach the target venue, but fail to gain access.
  3. Attempt to buy a map, but fail.
  4. Approach a second target venue and gain access through negotiation.
  5. Enter a subway station and attempt to buy a ticket, but fail.
  6. Try several bank cards in an ATM. Fail to draw out any money.
  7. Enter another subway station and attempt to buy a ticket, but fail.
  8. Walk to another ATM, try various different cards, before finally managing to draw out some cash.
  9. Enter a subway station and attempt to buy a ticket, succeed and depart.

NY Arrival

The Day That Was Yesterday

Headed off to Congress of Collectives, spending 8 hours in the air watching things that can’t be unseen. Things slid into difference, time became spongy, water tasting strange, restrooms and sidewalks. We got to Flux Factory and Doug blasted us with the itinerary as we stared with dazed blank eyes.

We joined in with the Flux communal meal and met a few of the others, then started to experience the different pace of events as the time between the meal and the band stretched like processed American cheese.  Tiredness took over before they started but we remote viewed the performance as we settled into where we were staying, toy instruments and electronic buzzing bouncing off the gallery walls.