Triple Solstice Ritual Pt. 2

(Transforming): The Emerald Tao

27 June 2014, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.

“Upon examination the interior of matter contrives rules to conceal its position”






Upon Rehabilitation, The Separated examine ‘Transforming Bill’.

The contrivances of the Emerald Rules reform community Tao.

The Sun at its liminal position.

The plan named ‘Rite Offender’ changes the Rehabilitation,

transforming mother, transformation Bill.

Extended emerald preparation delivered supervision Tao for consultation.

Release a third Transforming Progress Machine,

serving and transforming short substances of revolution.

Pulverising Triple Solstice Earth Ritual

that we may greater manage the flexibility of elements

– – –

As the earth is piled up inside.
Lighting the fires.
As the earth is pounded.
As the flames are blown.
As symbols are drawn with sand.
Repeated many times as a chorus.
Blowing into the fire.
Earth is poured on a hot place.
Earth marks the faces.
As some earth is thrown onto fire.
As some water is thrown onto fire.
Chanting as the materials are sealed.

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