Triple Solstice Ritual Pt. 3

(Releasing): The Blue V.I.T.R.I.O.L.

5 July 2014, Ort Gallery, Birmingham.

“Visit the underworld regularly to reach the hidden stone.”

Releasing 1

Video One

Shamanic Stik Cam

Visit plane relationships across fresh, underworld, matter space

and regularly become STARS.

Peak pooling continues and Grindhouse’s trough fracturing exemplary disc.

Hidden giving work, preserving stone; the action.

A sensation.

Video Two

Ocular Crash Cam

The moods wet and blue, and earth function crystal realm mystery machine of vibration

splitting separating beneath the beings.

The gorgeous original molecule.

Continual earth film.

Cinematography One.

Changing is offering.

The Scoring, singularity forming, revealed the SWIMMER.

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