Are you a Receiver?

Throughout history, Receivers, like you, have often gathered together to parade around drumming and chanting, getting into a trance state so they can hear The Eternal Drone.

The Eternal Drone is the infinitely slow sound of the universe, born in the Big Bang with space and time, which it binds together. The Eternal Drone is the ground from which all other sound arises.

The band Samekhmem create audio rituals that prepare people to be able to receive The Eternal Drone. Their performances often draw Receivers together, but people with a particularly developed ‘Third Ear’ are sometimes able to have a spontaneous gnosis of The Eternal Drone, and only later seek out others like them.


  1. As part of a group, or by yourself, prepare to receive The Eternal Drone.
  2. Draw a circle with a dot at the centre on your forehead.
  3. Perform actions that will allow you to enter a meditative or trance-like state.
  4. Open your Third Ear and listen.
  5. Return to yourself, taking with you whatever you need from the experience.

Please send your video footage of this process, or links to the footage online, in an email to This can be from a mobile phone or basic camera, as the intensity and atmosphere of these collective activities are what really counts. Selected footage may be included in future projects