Exploit.zzxjoanw.Gen was curated by Dane Sutherland for Collective Gallery, Edinburgh.
Launch Event on Friday 30 May 2014, 7-10pm at Bongo Club


The rubbled architecture of the semantic apocalypse is a jambient meshwork of infectious crypto-fictions, arche-hymns, cargo cult objectiles and the untethered futurities of permanent collapse. A tentacular-empire-machine.

Swarming visions, speculations and transmissions are hereby retro-clothed in vapourware, to be neurocast for further maladaptation by the following memechanics of the salvaged future: AAS, The Confraternity of Neoflagellants, Plastique Fantastique, Head Gallery, Jillian Mayer, WE, English Heretic, Michelle Hannah, Benedict Drew, POLLYFIBRE, The Cult of RAMM:ΣLL:ZΣΣ, Xempeer and Kornelia Remø Klokk.

Exploit.zzxjoanw.Gen is an audio zine, a collection of vagrant sonic fictions. It is available to purchase as a limited edition USB flash drive designed by Plastique Fantastique, or as a free digital download.

Curated by Dane Sutherland

AAS contributed the track