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As a response to the Arnolfini artist’s book works collection, AAS used William Burroughs’ cut-up technique to generate new instructions from existing performance scores. Participants were invited to take part in the cut-ups and subsequent performances.

Take a selection of books and number them somehow from 1-64.
Use an i-ching reading to get two numbers, and the title of your score.
Find the books relating to the numbers, and count to the page with the same number as the book. If the book has less pages than the number, go back to the start and continue counting.
Create a new score that combines what you find on those pages.

Scores created based on books in the Arnolfini collection: the cover of a book is the beginning of a journey

  • Mobilising Sprouting: fill a plastic bag with seeds and water. Attach it to the back of a trailer. Cut a small hole in the bag and drive down a highway. (16/10/10 – from Stephen Paige “How To Build Your Own Emergency Disaster Kit” & Yoko Ono “Instructions For Paintings”)
  • Return Progress: Take four self portraits. In each photo, hold a burning incense cone in front of your face. Document its progress. Send the photos to acquaintances and institutions without elucidation. (23/10/10 – from Douglas Huebler “Duration Piece #8 – Global” & Maria Van Elk “Benn Werk 1975 – 1981”)
  • Beautify Peaceful Flow: Hold an image of a diamond in your head. Become half-human half-animal and walk a pointless arrow. (30/10/10 – from Roberta Allen “Possibilities – 16 Images that could have occupied any of 16 positions” & Hans Ulricht Obrist “Formulas For Now”)
  • Consistency Journeying: uncollumn text to speech from point to point use text as your playground send white words in open envelopes to make a monument to constellations (05/11/10 – from Claes Oldenburg “Raw Notes” & Electronest “”)
  • Attraction Consistency: One looking for huge searchlights, fuchsia ladders raised outside, climb through the window anytime, drag heavy flag, chew polka dot gum, spit milk, crawl inside cloth tube, suck my toes, drool crazy moving from place to place, take poses of menstruating women (13/11/20 – from Angela Bulloch “Rule Book” & Claes Oldenburg “Raw Notes”)
  • Gnawing Separation: Hide your identity with a pointless lie. Tell the next 46 people you meet that you’ve noticed a correlation between your name and your job. (20/11/10 – from Roberta Allen “Pointless Acts 1-41 (On any sequence from 2-41 Therein)” & Don Celender “Destiny Of A Name”)
  • Flourishing Disentangling: Float an island of watercress in a neutral space. Tap every second in empty space. (27/11/10 – from Maria Van Elk “Benn Werk 1975 – 1981″ & Hans Ulrich Obrist et al. “Do It”)
  • Journeying Beautify: Ingredients: Source of information, Search method. Recipe: Search for La Serre, follow the line of external links. (04/12/10 – from Electronest “” & Roberta Allen “Possibilities – 16 Images that could have occupied any of 16 positions”)
  • Crisis Impressionable: Take a walk. Count your steps. Document at regular intervals steps 170-180. (11/12/10 – from Susie Allen “560 Footsteps Round Trip” & Douglas Huebler “7’72”)
  • Treading Conflict: At sunset on the Winter Solstice, Unspeak (18/12/10 – from Ahmet Ogut & Sener Ozmen “Colouring Book” & Jonathan Monk “Meeting #61 & #62”)