Temple: Protocol One

This week, Receivers were drawn by the Eternal Drone to a space on Margaret Street, Birmingham.

Through sacred listening, we are finding a series of instructions for how to use this place, to bring people together and to spread understanding of our principles.

The first protocol tells us to establish the Temple, so we placed sacred materials in the circle for a day to meditate upon them.

When we returned the next day, a spirit totem had appeared, watching over the Temple, and providing an olfactory richness.

We focused on a warm part of the room that it led us to, and that seemed particularly full of the Drone. This seems initially suitable for private relaxation and opening of the Third Ear.

If you find the Receivers Temple of the Sacred Drone, do come in, take some time to open yourself up to the Drone, and let us know how you would like to use the space yourself.

We will be putting up some possibilities that we have already discovered, and of course, as always, let us know how you get on.