Time Wave Zero

On Friday the 21st December 2012, we reached Time Wave Zero, coinciding with the resetting of time predicted by the ancient Mayans.

We prepared for this with our Syringe Drone (sacred dose) ritual at Reactor’s Function VI on 20th October, where the Syringe was purified and prepared to receive The Eternal Drone in it’s full capacity, and released into the world.

The sacred space was marked out with sage, salt and flame.
The sacrificial drone syringe at the centre of the sigil submitted to being bound with multiple cords.
The syringe was dosed with sacred liquor, forming a font for marking the gathered host.
The syringe addressed the host through bubbles, accepting the eternal drone into its mind, heart, flesh and bones.
The syringe’s heart was removed, set aflame, transmuted into crystal and returned to his chest.
He was released and embraced by the eternal, sacred, drone.

Since the ritual, what was hidden has been revealed as The Syringe meditated upon the drone, to find a diagram that we could use to restore balance.

Syringe Rocket (Feedback Device)

On Wednesday the 21st of November 2012, AAS put the dosed syringe’s power into action. The dosed syringe was actually a dimensional rocket; a needle for piercing time-space and it created a feedback loop of knowledge and information to be used as a sonic device to counteract any negative affects of Timewave Zero.


  • Sit inside a circle
  • Provide a background drone
  • Generate knowledge through sound and drifting
  • Communicate/repeat/transmit the sound

The result was the Greenwich Meat Time-Wave Zero Syringe Rocket (Feedback Device), which we used to inject the drone into the point of rebirth, and propel us all into an exciting new future.

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Greenwich Meridian Audio Line

Time Wave Zero happened at 11.30am on December the 21st 2012. On that day we met in Greenwich, London to play the Greenwich Meat Time-Wave Zero Syringe Rocket (Feedback Device) especially created to counter any negative affects of Time Wave Zero.

We climbed and climbed, but we never got to the top. Eventually we found the line. We suspected there were attempts to disrupt our mission. We stood in formation along the line playing the device from wherever we stood. Now that we have reached zero, there is no where else to go but forwards, even if that means going backwards.