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Cult of Sonic Affect

Sonic affect 1
Image © Agata Urbaniak

Sleep, you black-eyed pig
Fall into a deep pit full of ghosts.
– Icelandic Lullaby, early 19th Century

9 August, 2015
Supernormal Festival, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire.

unique can of holectic expanse destroys (heavy) twilight consciousness. haunting, celestial, magick. their history. this realm. the come. inhabiting lurches. the seer. unearthly, into abstraction. extreme uninitiated haunting. rarely circuitry of band. erotic lulling traverses unique horror. unheimlich locale. between into and by. unforgiving beauty. made music sound historical or nothing. dreamer. euphoria. nothing. original intensity. subsumed will. the abstraction. that music darkly. before.


Function VI

The Receivers Temple

Saturday 20th of October 2012, Primary, Douglas Road, Nottingham NG7

While at Reactor’s Function VI, The Receivers set up a temple to spread the knowledge of the Eternal Drone. We played music and shared sacraments with visitors of the temple.

While we were in the temple we had some time to reflect on our experiences of the Eternal Drone. While we listened to the drone, Ana uses a technique of divination on Alex said to have been used by Nostradamus, waving a hand in front of ones eyes while staring at an object, sometimes known as Scrying. Here Alex explains what he saw:

People also bought root vegetables to the event and left them with us, we placed them on our altar so we could power them up with music that channeled the Eternal Drone.