Dreamachine Meditation

Sensory Overload Remote Viewing

Dreamachine Meditation

Using elements from previous experiments in The Cage we experimented with how sensory overload affects psychic ability. Subjects were exposed to sense data in all channels and then instructed to focus their minds on another subject in a secret location before drawing their impressions of that location.

An important element of this was the Dreamachine made to Brion Gysin’s design, intended to create a trance like state of visions and waking dreams, a helpful way of reaching The Other Place.

Warning: Strobe

One thought on “Dreamachine Meditation

  1. Graham Dunning

    Awesome. Brion Gysin’s amazing, a bit of a hero of mine really. I’ve always wanted to have a go on a dream machine.
    There’s a show on in London at the moment (possibly the Welcome Institue) that features one too.
    I’d really like to come and have a go but I’m working Saturdays at the moment.

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