VNVRP Ritual



Preparation: Assemble two teams, one Virtual and one Non-Virtual.
Time: 06-11-10 @ 1300
Equipment: Sage, A Lighter, Salt Water, Drum, Bells, Totem
Cleansing: 1. Burn sage 2. Pour salt water around the totem
Grounding: 3. Slowly walk clockwise around the circle
Creating a Sacred Space: Calling on the Powers of the Elements and Directions
4. Movement 1 – East – Air
5. Movement 2 – South – Fire
6. Movement 3 – West – Water
7. Movement 4 – North – Earth

Raising and Releasing the Power: 8. Drum and make noise
Centering Communion/Meditation: 9. After the exhalation of releasing sit quietly and relax
Ending the Ritual: 10. Return the circle to the mundane world by walking in a counter clockwise direction

Sites explored by AAS were in Walsall and in Second Life as part of the Michael Takeo Magruder Changing Room v.2 project