Sido said stay in bed

After that night which was Sido and meat srtings. You and us woke there in New York city summer. Get on the S-bahn and watch those witch kids – get away! They fuckin’ scary shit. Walked through the sheets round christmas shoppings, they ain’t know we we are – they mistaken!


Then no end to meat room. it walls that of crispy and shine, no stains floor and blood rush for executions. Those man in the sweaters, their kleidung wore them, that. If we knowed we was so apartment we’d have know to see that and crunch down on the crow that looked like he knew what was it.


Christmas greats was the time and where you should see. Watch out ‘cos we need those craps that make you the next days over. The shop was where we spend a good amount a lotta time. and. Get around that because we isn’t get this shit from here we’re going to Netto instead.

Come home put the flower flakes and turn on the tree, this not our learning to the Alter Mich’l.