Journey to Timm

So Sido told us to go to Berlin Zoo, unfortunately sidophiles are not allowed to travel on either the S or U-Bahn so we had to walk through 10 acres of black ice infested blankets. Little did we know that before our arrival, David Burrows had also travelled to Berlin and deposited several of his trademark Space Orbs.

Space Orbs

As we proceeded through Central Park, we realised that we were being pursued by wolves that had been attracted to our irresistible vintage tawny scent. Thinking quickly, Vanessa was able to distract them through a simple geodesic ritual – I am meatmask la-lah meat rings!

I am meatmask la-lah meat rings

Arriving at the last acre, we were approached by Gülcan who had journeyed through the void to pass on Sido’s encouragement. She told us of a future release and asked us to direct a video for it featuring the major players of the Erotische Bad-Girl Manga porn scene. Gülcan then turned into a rabbit and hopped down another portal in the Hudson river that led to the dimension of Timm.

Gulcan Portal

Unfortunately, in this form she may have had an untimely end at the teeth of one of the lions. We do not know if this means Sido was unhappy with her plans for his video, but are working on contacting some Hentai stars nonetheless.

Gulcan Mauled