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Team 1/2/3

Saturday 26th / Sunday 27th July 2014

dd information to walls. write out “sum
of current knowledge
egins (green areas

ntext of the occult, is in concerned with the loss of individual identity in exchange knowledfunctions within a coge though summoning some supernatural presence and following its will. See also:
Acéphale, Cthulhu Mythos cults nding through creating a collective consciousness ructures. See also: Anti-psychiatry, The Borg, ext concerand critiquing poleadership holo sness ructures. Officer class. See also: Excectuve funciton a

Note: this feels a lot like consuming people….

Be ready to be recorded
Be ready to record
Be ready to walk
Be ready to eat

Part of Fear+Trembling_
Five Years, 66 Regents Studios
8 Andrews Rd
E8 4QN