Jun 07

Join us

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Here is a mask (Click thumbnail). Use it to rid yourself of the bondage of identity. Use it to challenge the consumerist influencing machine. Send your pictures to us here.

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  1. Clear-ish says:

    Considering joining. In part to tackle head on the possibility that i may be swayed by other parties if i don’t hurry up and get cleared. Earlier today i was approached by two respectably dressed young men who asked if i was religious. Was i brought up in a religious way? why was it that i had forsaken my religious training? Whilst being quite pleasant and even likeable i suspected their real agenda was to manipulate me into joining them in their quest to convert the locale of Kings Norton into a Mormon stronghold. I managed to distract them with a copy of Product Clearing that i happened to have in my muji bag and it just so happened that one of the young men was indeed a comic fan and had been raised on a strong schedule of DC Comics. (his favourite superhero was Greenlantern (the Hal JOrdan version of course, i agreed) but i was at a bit of a loss to recall who my favourite superhero was anymore as it had been so long since Ed the Happy Clown and his ilk had taken over my thoughts.) In return for a copy of Product Clearing they gave me a copy of The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which contains some pretty powerful imagery – the cover portrays the Christ gently holding a calm lamb, both bathed in a golden glow. Within this gem of warm literature is a scene of clearing, pure and strong, calming and overpowering, i will scan it in a moment and send it in to you. I think you will appreciate the imagery and can draw power from it.
    Also of interest within the booklet is information about the Book of Mormon. It states that the Christ actually visited South America. I must admit i had never heard of this before. Quite curious.
    I mentioned to the two young men that they had some competition in nearby Mosely where the Scientologists are making their base. They replied “Bring it on!”. So please, do head my warning here. Be aware that clearing could save you from the fallout of a battle between the Scientologist and Mormon groupings that may be building platoons of young men equipped to engage in some kind of fight for uncommon ground. For this keen to find out more i tentatively add on some contact details here and acknowledge that i posses no formal connection to this organisation: http://www.mormon.org

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