May 22

Things I remember

Author: CLEAR ONE @ 12:57 pm


  1. When I came to, I was itchy and an man with an Eastern European accent was handing me some metal disks. I told him I didn’t want them and left the building.
  2. Things coming back to me in fragments, which was disorientating at first.
  3. I was surprised to recognise myself in the reflection of a window. That’s strange isn’t it?
  4. The eye clamps.
  5. A period of insistent questioning; “Why do you want it?”, “This particular one?”
  6. Laughing; lots of.
  7. Crying; lots of.
  8. A sense of panic and fear.
  9. A sense of relief.
  10. Clarity.
  11. Empty space.
  12. Coming to.
  13. Here. Now.