Jun 21

all roads lead to the mouth

Author: CLEAR THREE @ 2:03 pm


Now deep in the maze of mould. The crowds of feeders and spiderwocs angry around me. Past the hives of smothermoths screambuzzing in the setting sun. Multi headed circuitmoles scratching in the filth. Tarmac monstrosities spit black clouds of nanoskulls into the atmosphere. Reflections of nothing glare on black hole eyes around me. Down exit stairs into infinite corridors. The bacteria are making me itch inside. They send their signals to the teeth. They chatter in the smoke clouds around the city. Dirty blamecoils wrap diseased tentacles around the crowds. Growing in the cracks of the pavement are the black seeds of decay. Luminescent worms float past me into the mouths of hungry goregulls. Deformed children stand tied to posts. Brains for sale in split bin bags. Mess slithers to life on newborn tendrils.

It’s only a matter of time until they find me and take me to the mouth.

All roads lead to the mouth.