Jul 22


Author: CLEAR ONE @ 1:28 pm


A strip of paper with words “Day Saver” gives free transport called a “Buzz” because that is the noise it makes, and all the feeders on board make the buzz with their mouths too and their mini glowboxes going buzz buzz tick tick tick at the back of the buzz. Sometimes the operator says “Get off, wrong date” but is unpredictable and what is “wrong date” does not stay same. But some times it goes round round round all day more or less. the one marked 11 does that and it gives time for free to empty everything out and see the real stuff.

One Response to “Omni”

  1. Avalokitesvara says:

    Clear One, sounds like you are doing receptive type of meditation “time to see the real stuff”

    Sometimes such practices are simply concerned with being mindful. In zazen or ‘just sitting’ practice from the Japanese Zen tradition, one sits calmly, aware of what is happening in one’s experience without judging, fantasising or trying to change things.
    A similar practice in Tibetan tradition is dzogchen. In both cases, the meditator sits with their eyes open. (Usually people close their eyes to meditate).
    Zazen and dzogchen practices gain depth from the underlying belief in the significance of being in the present moment.